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Mark Mallet

Books reviewed by Dr Pravin Thevathasan

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David Holbrook

Reviews by Dr Pravin Thevathasan

Sex & Dehumanization

Where D H Lawrence Was Wrong About Woman

Not an Optional Extra

by Philip Trower

Are you a beleaguered clique or a creative minority?
Fr Stephen Wang

Please circulate to others - Particularly young Catholics!

The Glaston Chronicles - Book 1
The Secret of Glaston Tor

by Donal Anthony Foley 

Reviews by Dr Pravin Thevathasan

Where D H Lawrence Was Wrong About Woman
David Holbrook

Psychological Seduction
The Failure of Modern Psychology
William Kirk Kilpatrick

The Emperor's New Clothes
The naked truth about the new psychology
William Kirk Kilpatrick

The Long March
How the Cultural Revolution of the 1960s Changed America
by Roger Kimball

20 Answers: Mary
by Tim Staples

Psychology as Religion
The Cult of Self-worship
by Paul Vitz
Competent to Counsel
Introduction to Nouthetic Counselling
by Jay E Adams

An Exorcist Tells His Story
An Exorcist More Stories

by Gabriele Amorth

Interview With An Exorcist

Fr Jose Antonio Fortea

In Defence of Mary
by Professor Michael Ogunu

Professor Michael Ogunu Home Page

Critique of A Course in Miracles

Catholic Critique of the New Age Movement

Crisis Magazine

Author Says a New Religion Persecutes Christians

The New Intolerance
An adaptation of the first annual
First Things lecture by Mary Eberstadt

Is Catechesis Possible in a Narcissistic Age?
Jonathan B. Coe

Lessons from Descartes on the Value of Latin Liturgy

Response to above article by Dr Mary Shivanandan

The New Age of Anxiety: Navigating the European Wasteland

Undermining the Bible for Centuries


Jeff Morrow

God the Father Speaks to His Children

Books reviewed by Dr Pravin Thevathasan

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