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Secondhand and Out of Print Books

I occasionally get requests for Fr Aidan Nichols or Fr John Saward books which are out of print. These books are not old enough to come under the heading of "Aniquarian Books" and would appear not to be widely stocked by ordinary secondhand bookshops . After some enquiries, I have found the links below which could be useful. Please kindly let me know if there are any other useful links which can be added to this page.

Mark Alder


St Philip's Books


Barnes and Noble - Rare secondhand and out of print books.

Loome Theological Booksellers

The following suggestions have recently been received.

Here are a few more links to second-hand booksellers, in case you want to add them to your site. Three are in the UK, one in the US: all will ship anywhere, I think. All are reliable and worth investigating.

Very large stock of general religion/theology/Church history/liturgy. Searchable/browsable via ABE, though a lot of the stock doesn't seem to be online. Issue printed catalogues from time to time. Very helpful owner/staff

Excellent stock of theology/religion/liturgy/Church history/biography etc etc -- mostly, but not all, Catholic.
Searchable via ABE; regular printed catalogues; helpful owner/staff.

Very efficient website/online bookselling business. General theology/religion/Church history etc etc. Stock updated online every week. Prices not always the cheapest (tho postage is free in the UK).

Efficient online operation (and Philadelphia store). High-quality general antiquarian/academic stock, with good selection of religion/theology etc, included (I seem to recall) a very good run of the "Recusant Writing" reprints from the 1970s.

And two excellent booksearch engines:
http://www.bookfinder.com/ (mainly used books)
http://www.addall.com (new or used books)

Version: 24th December 2006

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