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by Aidan Nichols OP.

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Available on this site are book extracts, reviews and opinions of the book. The latter do not necessarily coincide with my own views but are present to allow discussion and resultant interest to flower.

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Book Promotion

  • Why has the church become so marginalized and inconsequential today in our culture?
  • What must happen for it to reclaim the influence it once had?

In Christendom Awake, a renowned Catholic theologian argues that if the Church is to again become a vital social force, it must regain confidence in its ability to transform daily life. This leading British theologian argues that the Church must regain confidence in its doctrine to shape and influence philosophy, ethics, aesthetics, economics, gender relations, and the forms of the State. Written from a position of 'radical traditionalism', and situated in the mainstream of contemporary Roman Catholicism, Aidan Nichols, calls on the Church to recover its perspective and relaunch its creative mission in the new millennium.

Aidan Nichols OP is the Prior of the Dominican Community at Blackfriars in Cambridge and the author of numerous works of theology and Church History

Key Features

  • A 'call-to-arms' for the Church to re-launch its creative mission
  • Illuminates the religious aspects of the Millennium
  • Of interest to all who are concerned with the state of contemporary religion and culture

Main sections include:

  • Reawakening Christendom
  • Re-relating Faith and Culture
  • Re-enchanting the Liturgy
  • Reviving Doctrinal Consciousness
  • Relaunching Christian Philosophy
  • Re-imagining the Christian State
  • Reconstituting a Society of Households
  • Re-sacralising Material Culture
  • Rethinking Feminism
  • Remaking Religious Life
  • Rescuing the Holy Innocents
  • Reclaiming the Bible
  • Reconceiving Ecumenism
  • Resituating Modem Spirituality
  • Recentering on the End
  • Renewing Priestly Mission

ISBN 0 567 08673 9

Originally published by T&T Clark, Edinburgh, Scotland but seems to be now out of print.

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