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The Catholic Church and the Counter-Faith

By Philip Trower

A Study of the Roots of Modern Secularism, Relativism and de-Christianisation

General Book Information and Reviews

AD2000 Review


Part 1 Western Civilization in the 20th and 21st Centuries: Core Beliefs

Chapter 1 - Please use the front door
Chapter 2 - What was the Enlightenment?
Chapter 3 - The Denominations
Chapter 4 - Perpetual Progress
Chapter 5 - The Principles of 1789
Chapter 6 - Salvation by Politics
Chapter 7 - Human Rights and Human Wrongs

Part 2 Secondary Influences

Chapter 8 - The Shift to the Human Subject in Philosophy
Chapter 9
- Existentialism: Heidegger and Satre
Chapter 10 - Personalism: Buber, Marcel and Scheler
Chapter 11 - Personalism: Maritain and Mounier
Chapter 12 - The Evolutionary Idea

Chapter 13 - Teilhardism
Chapter 14 - Mostly about Freud

Chapter 15 - Mainly about Jung
Chapter 16 - Man in the Plural
Chapter 17
- Words and their Meaning
Chapter 18 - The Meeting with Protestantism
Chapter 19 - Barth and Neo-Orthodoxy

Part 3 Impact Within the Church: A Theologian and the Liturgy

Chapter 20 - Big Brother
Chapter 21 - The Emperor's Clothes
Chapter 22
- Naked but not Ashamed
Chapter 23 - Liturgical Changes: the Historical Background
Chapter 24 - The New Liturgy

Conclusion - Please Leave by the Back Door


I Chenu, Historical Theology and Historicism

II Schillebeeckx and Experience

III De Lubac and the Return to the Sources

Copyright Phillip Trower
2006, 2014, 2018

Family Publications has now ceased trading. The copyright has reverted to the author Philip Trower who has given permission for the book to be placed on this website.

Version: 16th February 2021

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