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The Mysteries of March

by John Saward


Every March the Church celebrates the great mysteries of the Incarnation and Redemption. By means of a profound meditation on the Annunciation and Easter, John Saward takes us to the mystical heart of Christianity. His guides on the journey are the theologian Hans Urs von Balthasar and the woman whose work Balthasar himself regarded as more important than his own, Adrienne von Speyr. In the company of these two spiritual giants of our century, Saward shows among other things the importance of Holy Saturday (the period between the death and resurrection of Christ), and the great meaning it offers for those who have experienced the apparent absence of God in desolation and depression.

"John Saward has performed a vastly impressive feat of synthesis and compression.. With a distinctive stylistic richness of his own, he has thought and imagined his way into the heart of Balthasar's theological world and given us a meditation on the mysteries of the Word made flesh that is both an introduction to a great mind and something more." (Rowan Williams)

This version: 7th February 2003

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