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 The Path to Rome

by Dwight Longenecker


The 1990s have seen the largest influx of laity and clergy into the Catholic Church in England since Catholic emancipation. During that time the flood of converts has included four Anglican bishops, a member of the Royal Family, two Ministers of the Crown and a host of ordinary clergy and lay people.

These are the stories of some of the Christians who have struggled, thought and sacrificed much to finally find their home in the Catholic Church. Some have 'come home to Rome' before the current troubles to rock the Church of England, indeed many of the new Catholics who tell their story here are Christians who have never been Anglicans, or only passed through Anglicanism on their way to Rome.

This collection of 'conversion' stories relates how former Baptists, Presbyterians, Salvation Army officers, Plymouth Brethren, New Age believers and Evangelical Anglicans all made their way along the Path to Rome. Each chapter weaves an individual's conversion story into a wider issue of ecumenical concern, and with contributions from housewives, former bishops. well-known academics and former Protestant pastors, there is a wide range of viewpoints and interests.

By introducing some of the new wave of converts, The Path to Rome gives a glimpse of a possible future for the church. As we enter the third millennium, Catholicism, Evangelicalism and Orthodoxy will continue to converge. From this book a vision emerges in which old cultural, national and doctrinal controversies will become increasingly irrelevant. Then as the Age of Reform draws to a close and the millennium of division gives way to a 'Second Spring', the Church may once more speak with a united voice.

"The Path to Rome" Contributors:

Cyprian Blamires, Stratford Caldecott, Patricia Gibbons, Sheridan Gilley, Marcus Grodi, Keith Jarrett, Lynn Jolly, Ian Ker, Neville Kyrke-Smith, Graham Leonard, Dwight Longenecker, Kenneth Noakes, Kate Prior, Richard Rutt, Anthony Symondson, Ann Widdecombe

'The Path to Rome' costs £10.00. Copies can be ordered from Dwight Longenecker at: Dwight@Longenecker.fsnet.co.uk

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