A Western understanding of China

Douglas Lancashire was born and raised in China and his academic career has spanned the universities of London, Hong Kong, Melbourne, Michigan, Auckland and Essex. Click here for a CV

He has a specialist understanding of how the Chinese mind views Western culture and religion.

Two examples.

  1. The True Meaning of the Lord of Heaven, a translation of Matteo Ricci's extraordinary attempt to explain Christian doctrine in terms of Chinese (Confucian) philosophy. Click here for sample text from the book
  2. Chinese Essays on Religion and Faith, which give an impression of Chinese attitudes to religion and issues of faith in the first half of the 20th century.


He is also a keen observer of how the Chinese view the influence (for good and ill) of Western culture.

Just published. China's first modern love story now available in English translation
Sea of Regret co-published with a classic crime story of family feuding A Strange Case of Nine Murders by Wu Woyao (1867-1910) Click here for sample text from the book

Two examples.


  1. Li Po-yuan, a study of an important late-Ch'ing (Qing) novelist who sought to reflect changes in Chinese society at the turn of the century.
  2. Modern Times, a translation of the novel by Li Po-yuan (Li Boyuan) which is set against the background of the whole nation and seeks to provide vignettes of change in all areas of Chinese society. See Renditions Books

He has also published numerous articles. Click here for a selection of articles.

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