Douglas Lancashire: a short CV

Douglas Lancashire was born in Tientsin (Tianjin), China, and received his early schooling at the Tientsin Grammar School. He graduated BA Hons. ( University of London) in Chinese in 1950, BD (London) in 1954, and MA (London) in Classical Chinese in 1958. He commenced his teaching career at the School of Oriental & African Studies in January, 1945, while serving in the Royal Air Force. Following graduation he was employed by the British, American and Scottish Bible Societies, as their representative in Hong Kong from 1952-1960. While there, he also served as an occasional lecturer in the Philosophy of Religion at Ch’ung Chi College. From 1960-1 he was tutor at the Hong Kong Union Theological College. From 1961-2 he served as Visiting Lecturer in Chinese Language, Buddhism and the History of Chinese Thought in the University of Michigan, USA, and from 1962-5 was Senior Lecturer in Chinese, University of Melbourne, Australia. From 1966-1981 he served as Professor of Chinese (Foundation Chair) and Head of Department of Asian Languages & Literatures, University of Auckland, New Zealand. During 1981-1991 he was Rector of two Church of England parishes in England, but also introduced courses in Chinese in the Department of Languages & Linguistics in the University of Essex. He also served as a consultant on religious terminology for Collins English Dictionary (New Edition). During the years 1991-2 and 1993-4 he was Visiting Professor of Translation in the Department of Translation, Lingnan College, Hong Kong.

His research interests and publications cover the fields of Chinese literature in the years immediately preceding the fall of the Chinese monarchy in 1911, and interaction between China and the West in the area of religion and thought.

He has published and co-authored six books as well as numerous articles and reviews in journals. Although now retired, he continues to work in his fields of interest.

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