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The Union of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary

In St. Francis de Sales and St. John Eudes

Arthur Burton Calkins


Part I.  St. Francis de Sales

 A.  Sacred Heart of Jesus

  1. Cleft opening in side

  a.  dwelling place for self

  b.  dwelling place for neighbor

      i. source of salvation

   ii. source of consolation

                    2. Jacob’s ladder

 B.  In Conjunction with the Heart of Mary

  1.  Her Empathy

  2.  Her Moral Union with [Heart of] Christ

  3.  Transformation of Her Heart by Grace

 C.  Union of Hearts

  1.  of Jesus and Mary

  2.  Mary beloved of Jesus

  3.  Jesus – Heart of Mary’s Heart

D.      Anthropology

  1.  Temple analogy

  2.  “Portions” of soul

a.  inferior – sensual

b.  superior – rational

     i. human sciences

    ii. faith

c. summit – spiritual

E.     Key to Salesian Doctrine

1.  In Heart of Jesus

                       a.  superior portion of soul – suffering

                       b.  highest portion of soul – beatific vision

2.  In Heart of Mary

                       a.  superior portion of soul – sorrow, meditation

                       b.  highest portion of soul – cor vigilans

3.  Mutual Colloquy

Part II.   The French School

       A.  Cardinal de Bérulle

             1.  Mysteries and States of Jesus

             2.  Union of Hearts

             3.  work continued by Gibieuf

       B.  Ven. Jean-Jacques Olier    ~

             1.  Jesu vivens in Maria

             2.  Interior life of Jesus and Mary

             3.  Union of Hearts

Part IIISt. John Eudes

       A.  Principles of his Mariology

                1.  Union of Jesus and Mary

                2.  Dispositions of Jesus toward Mary

                3.  Dispositions of Mary toward God

                4.  Jesu vivens in Maria

                5.  Mary’s relativity

          B.  The “Conjoint” Cult of the Heart of Jesus and Mary

                1.  In the Liturgy of the Feast of the Admirable Heart of Mary

                2.  In The Admirable Heart of Mary

                     a.  strict object of cult – corporeal and spiritual hearts of Mary

                     b.  union of hearts – divine heart of Mary

                3.  Ave Cor Sanctissimum

                4.  Circular Letter of 29 July 1672

                5.  Antiphons of Feast of Sacred Heart of Jesus

                6.  Reasons for “Conjoint” Cult

                     a.  formulation of Bérulle

                     b.  formulation of St. Francis de Sales

                     c.  texts from St. Bridget’s Revelations

                     d.  mystical tendency

                     e.  usefulness in preaching

          C.  The Sacred Heart of Jesus

                1.  Cultus – a gift of the Heart of Mary

                2.  “Three Hearts of Jesus”

                     a.  corporeal

                     b.  spiritual

                          i. states of Jesus

                         ii. His love – predominant

                     c.  divine

D.  Conclusions

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3



Copyright ©; Msgr Arthur Calkins 2014

Version 22nd February 2014

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