The New Age Movement:The kingdom of Satan on earth

by Cornelia R. Ferreira

The term "New Age" (NA) is short­hand for "New World Order," one shorn of Judeo-Christianity and comprised of a "one-world religion" and "one-world government." Satan initiated this world order in Eden, as evident from the assertion that the "new world" is formed by eating the fruit of Eden's Tree of Knowledge.[1] Satan desires world rule and the worship of all, which God will allow one day; [2] since Satan is worshipped through his religion of occultism, at that time the world will be totally occult.

The modern New Age Movement (NAM) is an occult socio-political movement that is the synthesis of, or umbrella for, all heretical and seditious movements. Calling itself a revolution, its aim is a complete cultural transformation,[3] to be obtained by occultism replacing Judeo-Christianity, and totalitarian socialism the Judeo-Christian system of government. By convention, any philosophy, individual or group contributing to the establishment of the new order is labelled "New Age."

The movement operates through a network linking those believing Satan's original temptation that individuals can evolve through knowledge to godhood (perfection).[4] It seems to have no headquarters, but there are core groups like Planetary Citizens, the World Federalist Association, the Tara Center, the Club of Rome, Global Education Associates and others.

The NA path is very easy to enter onto since its bait is humanitarianism and self­improvement. Only knowledge of its hidden beliefs will prevent souls from being ensnared. This article summarizes those beliefs, as found in NA literature.

Astrologically designated the Aquarian Age, the NA was heralded in the 1966 rock musical Hair as an age rooted in the occult and "the mind's true liberation."[5] Unfortunately, NA occultism is often so subtle that it looks Christian, thus luring millions into occultism, the first cornerstone of the NAM.

Occultism lusts after unrevealed knowledge and godhood. The theory of evolution generated the belief that everyone is evolving towards perfection, so the occult path is available for all, not just initiates. This belief led to the atheism of Marxism and secular humanism. The latter "put its faith in self-perfectibility." Truth is found in man, not God, and "the final court of appeal" is "reason rather than external authority "[6] "the mind's true liberation." Secular humanism, a product of occult evolutionary theory, is another cornerstone of the NAM.

The mind also evolves

The occultness of the evolution theory became clearer with the postulation that the mind also evolves by developing its paranormal abilities [7] (powers beyond the five senses). Some people are given such powers by God; but seeking them takes one into the occult. However, it was assumed that everyone can develop "psychic" or "latent divine powers" and attain divine wisdom or theosophy.[8] Theosophy is a version of Gnosticism, its contemporary,[9] but the ancient theosophists believed that spiritual enlightenment was the privilege of an elite.[10] Theosophy became the third cornerstone of the modern NAM, which was born when the Theosophical Society (TS) was founded by the Russian occultist Helena Blavatsky in New York in 1875 at the bidding of her "spirit guides" or "Masters."[11]

The Society aimed to make occult knowledge available to all, and to synthesize religion, philosophy, science (evolution and other spurious concepts[12] ) and psychology on a base of occultism.[13] Blavatsky also "sought to reconcile all religions under one system of truth," "the wisdom of the ancients." [14] Obviously, she wished to establish Satan's one-world religion, and she has nearly succeeded: the teachings of Blavatsky and successor Alice Bailey form the NA bible.

God's consciousness is sought

Theosophy takes evolution to its logical conclusion godhood for everything. The whole universe is evolving in consciousness, directed by those with paranormal abilities who will "create for earth a brain and a heart" [15] and raise up all matter to godhood by "initiation into complete knowledge." This "makes of man a god and gives to every part of nature the [same] possibility."[16] This is the basic tenet of occultism and the NAM, which is man's attempt to achieve the "total consciousness" of God, to "become the all-enlightened master of his planet and his being."[17] Its corollary is: "There is a vast range of [psychic] powers latent in man which may be developed" to bring "infinite knowledge"; but many reincarnated lifetimes are necessary to attain this goal. [18] These corollaries underlie NA belief in highly evolved or perfected Masters, Wise Men, or The Elder Brothers of Humanity who "mould the race" in successive lifetimes.[19]

Blavatsky, drawing on Eastern mythology, concocted a Hierarchy of Masters inhabiting Venus when not on earth. Jesus is a junior Master; in one reincarnation, He was the Christ. His senior, the Buddha, once Gautama Buddha, [20] supposedly was reincarnated in 1977 as the head of the Hierarchy, "an elder brother," "to lead humanity to world brotherhood and peace." Called Maitreya, a title interchangeable with the Christ, Imam Mahdi, Krishna and the Messiah because he "fulfills the expectations of all religions for their own anticipated Teacher"; he lives incognito in London, relaying teachings and prophecies through mouthpieces. On a "Day of Declaration," he "will telepathically communicate with everyone and there will be spontaneous healings," leaving "no doubt that He [sic] is the World Teacher."[21]

NAM wants Luciferic initiation

This drivel has become a major world influence by serving Freemasonry.[22] Masonry is also founded on "ancient wisdom," atheism, Kabbalistic Gnosticism, occultism, Eastern religions, evolution, and reincarnation.[23] The Masons probably recruited Blavatsky. Believing that women corrupted by Masonry would be ideal to further their goals, Masons allowed women into mixed lodges.[24] Blavatsky, successor Annie Besant and several of the Society's first officers were Masons.[25] Blavatsky's "Masters" were not spirits, but French Kabbalist Masons; the leadership of the TS is Masonic; and the alternate name for both the TS and Masonry is "Universal Brotherhood,"[26] a "brotherhood" that involves the suppression of distinctions to produce one nation, Church and family.[27] Bailey disclosed that NA preparations were being directed by Freemasonry,[28] the chief cornerstone of the NAM.

Masonry's goal of producing a new world order (NWO) by "the utter overthrow of that whole religious and political order" produced by Christianity, "and the substitution of a new state of things" based on Naturalism,[29] is identical to that of the NAM which is, necessarily, a conspiracy of revolution. It operated secretly until 1975 on orders from the Masters.[30] New Ager Marilyn Ferguson calls it "the second American Revolution," the "Aquarian Conspiracy," a "leaderless network working to bring about radical change in the United States."[31]No revolution is leaderless. Counters Donald Keys, Planetary Citizens president: "This planet has to be managed."[32] By whom? David Suzuki's article, "The Turnaround Decade," on page two of the Toronto Star of December 31, 1989, supplies the answer. It is illustrated with a seesaw whose fulcrum is the Masonic pyramid emblazoned with the Masonic eye over the dates of 1990-2000. On one end of the seesaw balances a man, on the other, the earth.

Following the occult/Masonic practice of initiation, NA leaders have called for a "mass planetary Luciferic initiation" into the New Age.[33] Masonry is "the seat of initiation," and Luciferic initiations are to be given by Masonic lodges and "revitalized" Christianity.[34] Is it coincidence that RENEW, a program for revitalizing the Church, uses Bailey's terminology and promotes NA organizations and ideology?[35]

The Luciferic initiation involves "accepting Lucifer's gift of wholeness," which "frees" him and us.[36] Now, Masonry holds the medieval Luciferian doctrine that Satan created the world, suffered "injustice" at the hands of a "despotic power," and one day will recover his former glory.[37] Man frees himself from God's "oppression" and joins the battle for Satan's freedom by asserting the "centrality and sovereignty of the human person" through the doctrine of wholeness. This doctrine is the foundation of all NA beliefs and hence embracing it is one's "initiation" into the new order in which man is god.[38]

The heresy of pantheism, mixed with secular humanism, constitutes the doctrine of "wholeness." First, since "whole" means "undivided," "wholeness" conveys the pantheistic (and occult) belief that we are all one with everything, including nature. [39] Thus, we are told we are interdependent or interrelated, live in a global or planetary village, and must operate as members of a world community, rather than of a particular nation [40] a seditious idea that sets the stage for world dictatorship.

Since a dependent relationship is one occurring between unequals, following the natural law of supply and demand, inter­dependence implies a relationship between equals the equality being enforced by "law" where necessary. [41] Since law already exists in all nations, the notion of global interdependence, which underlies the slogans rule of law and a world under law, hides a new reality the totalitarianism of global law, which will be "the greatest tyranny in the history of mankind." [42] This is not surprising, because the Judeo­Christian God and his kingdom of peace will be banished from an interdependent world, as man's relationship with this God is one of dependence.

Lucifer's gift: guilt-free life

"Whole" also means "unbroken." "Brokenness" refers to the feeling of guilt produced by sin, disobeying God's law, [43] so secular humanism attacks "creedal religion." It is "separative" of peoples, causes "divisiveness" and "brutal wars," impedes social well-being and prevents interrelatedness and "growth in wholeness." We will not have peace until all races and religions "fuse" into "one humanity." [44] Interrelatedness thus also sets the stage for a world religion, showing the crucial value of the doctrine of wholeness, aptly designated "Lucifer's gift."

Secular humanism, a self-described religion [45] that combines psychologist Abraham Maslow's human potential theory with "science" (evolutionism) and occultism, is the synthesis sought by the TS. Its goal is "the fulfillment of the potential for growth in each human personality" (evolution and psychology) through "a shared world and global measures" (occult doctrine of wholeness). [46]

Maslow postulated a hierarchy of needs which, if met, would enable man to reach his highest potential godhood or Being. [47] This vision of divinity not charity underlies NA humanitarianism. Since man "alone is responsible for the realization of the world of his dreams," this process of growth is called self-realization, self­actualization or Becoming. [48] The theory that nothing has existence, but everything is becoming, is the same evolutionary pantheism underlying Marxism, [49] and a promulgation of Satan's temptation, "you shall be [become] like God (Gen. 3:5).

When basic needs like food are met, we gain the security needed for developing our higher-potential needs, which include the attributes of God as well as wholeness, human solidarity and freedom of conscience.[50] Since Masonry is founded on liberty of conscience and solidarity of humanity, for humanists, communists, or Masons, freedom of conscience and solidarity values admitted to be subversive mean, respectively, freedom from authority and the union of those working for this freedoms. [51]

Patriotism is deemed dangerous

Gerald and Patricia Mische outline the four-step strategy for achieving the new world order. [52] First, one engages in "consciousness raising" of self-interest groups whose attainment of goals is made out to be "dependent upon building world-order agencies." Next comes "conscientizing," the engendering of a commitment to political action. The third step is forming one network of interest groups to produce a grassroots movement for pressuring governments to "move toward the construction of transnational institutions with global authority." The fourth and crucial step is control of the media.

Masonry and Internationalism see national sovereignty as obsolete and patriotism as dangerous to world peace.[53] Not surprisingly, the leaders of "global patriotism" are Luciferians,[54] as patriotism is a Christian virtue, and the Church teaches that no one likes being governed by a force outside his own country.[55] The global government, ruling a world divided into twenty-four regions, will have its own World currency, law and police force, and will be run by an unelected elite.[56]

A unified Europe (with a united Germany a prerequisite) is a long-sought step towards a unified world.[57] A single European market by 1992, a European bank by 1994, and the already-existing ECU the European currency by 1997, said a former British chancellor, "can only end in a European federal state," "a United States of Europe" (political unity), the European Community goal since its 1958 inception. [58] But "the formula of the 'United States of Europe' and of the 'Universal Republic'" (to be formed by Europe's merger with other world blocs) was first proclaimed by the Illuminati in 1793; "has long been the slogan of the French lodges"; was adopted in the 1920s by the Theosophists; and was discussed in American-German Masonic circles after World War II.[59] Unelected European Commission president Jacques Delors, demonstrating the importance of European unity (and the totalitarian nature of the future world government), has threatened national leaders who do not unequivocally endorse it, hinting, that Margaret Thatcher's opposition caused her downfall. [60]

The United Nations, a "training ground for globalization" since at least 1961, might become the seat of the world government." [61] Its top priority after disarmament is the New International Economic Order, its umbrella for World Order issues which, like Bailey, proposes an international currency and the control of food and natural resources by international bodies.[62]

The concept of planetary unity emerged at the UN Conference on Human Survival in 1970. Host U Thant, Norman Cousins and Donald Keys then formed Planetary Citizens (PC), whose members pledge to strengthen the UN. PC, Cousins' World Federalist Association (WFA), and other groups are working with the UN for a world government modelled on American federalism, projected dates for whose establishment are, variously, 2000, 2011, or 2012.[63]

The Church is being used

The one-world religion or "fellowship of faiths" is essential to the "cultural unity of mankind." [64] It is Blavatsky's "wisdom religion," the syncretistic blend of paganism and Christianity similar to the "universal religion" promoted by Masonry to effect Universal Brotherhood, and acknowledged by its proponents as subversive of the national interest.[65] Bishops preaching a "more just and fraternal world" rather than the Kingdom of God makes credible Bailey's claims that the two main channels through which NA preparations are going on are the Church and Freemasonry; and the "Church Universal," a union of occultism, Masonry and Christianity (the mystical body of Satan?), "will appear towards the close of the century." [66]

Syncretism, the "celebration of the oneness of all existence," is pantheism. It preaches the need for internal transformation (through Eastern/occult meditation) prior to social change. This is seen as the way to peace, perhaps because spreading mysticism will supposedly bring about a unifying global consciousness or one­world brain.[67] This is the pantheistic heresy of monopsychism, meaning one soul or mind for all men, that leaves no room for personal responsibility [68] Hindu transcendental meditation (TM) and yoga have long been popular in the West, but the occult techniques of guided imagery and visualization are now used widely in businesses, schools, on retreats, and in RENEW.[69]

New Agers, rejoice that, through brain­washing workshops and seminars, they have recruited the Union and International Union of Superiors General, the Pontifical Commission for Justice and Peace, the Jesuits, the Leadership Conference of Women Religious and the National Association of Women Religious.[70] So heartened are they by their advance in the Church that they expect the Pope to promote the one-world religion at the UN, which hopefully will become the body of Christ! [71]

Bailey stated that the third major channel for implementing NA goals is education.[72] "Global education," also acknowledged as subversive, [73] is now part of the curriculum of most schools. The (American) National Catholic Education Association (NCEA) began in 1972 to develop global consciousness and a "planetary framework" for curricula, its conferences featuring New Agers and at least one occultist.[74] Other education networks are similarly oriented.[75]

The ecological movement, which goes beyond rational concern about genuine ecological problems, is a fairly new NA tool. Seemingly spearheaded by the Club of Rome,[76] whose founder was a Planetary Citizen, its prophecies of disaster due to population growth and environmental misuse, though not scientific, have fuelled acceptance of global government as the only means to ensure our "survival." Population reduction is considered vital to conserve resources. Since food is now a "natural resource," anti-hunger programs have joined the ecological movement to back forced population control. [77] Environmentalism is now an industry (T-shirts, curricula, . . . ) and part of the pantheistic world religion. Contradicting Gen. 1:28, it teaches that man, an "organic" part of the universe, has neither superiority nor dominion over the rest of creation. The earth is living, our Mother, our God, and mining, mowing, plowing and ski runs are abuses. [78]

Political change isn't conversion

Environmentalism is also a political platform, especially in Europe, [79] where it seems to be replacing Communism. But, as seen, Communism is also pantheistic; further, Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, Engels, Stalin and Mao Tse Tung were Satanists, the first three also being theosophists. [80] Stalin, Marx and Engels were Illuminati recruits.[81] Communism is thus a Masonic instrument, having the same goal: the establishment of the kingdom of Satan or the "universal social republic" by the fomenting of revolutions. It is thus intrinsically part of the NAM, and, being a world force, crucial to the internationalist effort.[82] Green parties are just the NA face of Communism. [83]

Blavatsky, the mouthpiece of Masonic globalism, was Russian. Bailey stated, "The U.S.S.R. expresses the will . . . to produce new conditions and a new order planned and determined and foreseen."[84] Soviet-American-British NA networking has involved President Gorbachev, who also promotes NA issues in his book Perestroika. [85] Echoing the WFA in his 1988 speech to the UN, he "stressed the Soviet goal of creating a 'world community of states based on the rule of law.'''[86] He desires a "world consultative council uniting the world's intellectual elite" to "shape the future under UN auspices." [87]

Our Lady of Fatima warned that Russia (a Satanist tool) would punish a wicked world unless consecrated by the Pope and bishops to her Immaculate Heart. This would "save" Russia and bring world peace.[88] Yet many believe the partial consecration has "destroyed" Communism and political changes "prove" Russia's conversion. But political maneuvering is not conversion to the True Faith, the only way to salvation. In fact, the much-touted "social democracy" is the synthesis of Communism and capitalism desired by New Agers. [89]

And where is the conversion in Gorbachev's avowals that he is a Leninist­Marxist communist; that Lenin's ideas are "feeding [Russia's] new way of thinking"; that "the present course is an extension of the [October] Revolution"; that "the radical changes in Europe in no way signal `the collapse of socialism"' as Communists are following Lenin's strategy of "'reformism' whenever that [is] required to carry forward the cause of the Revolution"; that perestroika means an elimination of obstacles hindering the momentum of the Revolution, is meant to strengthen international socialism, and "requires Party Leaders who are very close to Lenin's ideal of a revolutionary Bolshevik"? [90]

Does the moral decay evident in "democratic" Romania's legalization of birth control and abortion; in the rush of East Germans to order sex shops after the Berlin Wall fell; in highly-pornographic Soviet entertainment; and in Soviet requests for contraception and sex education [91] represent the final or even the beginning triumph of Our Lady's Immaculate Heart, also promised as a result of the Consecration? [92]

Russia has had 5 glasnosts

As for freedom-of-religion laws you cannot have a one-world religion if religion hides underground. Only visible Catholicism can be corrupted and syncretized, and syncretists are busy in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union. [93] An interfaith United Nations religion, the "fullest expression of Universal Brotherhood," is very acceptable to Communism.[94] Further, occultism, always part of Communism, is also a religion. It spawned Blavatsky and now attracts the Gorbachevs.[95]

In 1937 people also thought Communism was converting, but Pope Pius XI warned of Communism's "diabolical propaganda" and its leaders who "pretend to be the most zealous promoters" of peace so that they can "entice the multitudes." [96] To obtain Western aid, Russia has had five previous glasnosts, starting with Lenin and Stalin (he used the term perestroika). All five "reform" periods ended in slaughter, and the present one seems headed the same way. [97]

Will the world government be Soviet­controlled, or is the Soviet Union being used to establish a Masonic government at the UN, financed by the Western banking and liberal establishments that have financed Soviet-backed revolutions to bring about the new order? [98] The Gulf war, viewed by some as a world war due to the number of nations involved, was engendered by Soviet arming and training of Iraq, but resulted in Soviet-American amity and increased UN governmental powers.[99]

Was it orchestrated to move us towards world government? After hostilities commenced, President Bush repeatedly forecast their result: a new world order and the rule of law.[100] Belonging to an elite secret society, which, desiring the new order, has "created wars and revolutions," [101] he expected the war would help the "world community" "fulfill the long-held promise of a new world order" "more peaceful than any that we have known."[102] The Soviets have "long forecast" that "a [non-nuclear] third world war, if unleashed by imperialism, would finish off the capitalist system for good, and this would spell global peace."[103] Was Iraq, reputedly not a nuclear threat, set up to provide the "imperialism" for the world-government-through "safe"-war formula; to test a U.S. Senate resolution on making the UN into a "world government" "capable of enacting and enforcing world law" against aggression; [104] and to warn those resisting the NWO? [105] Interestingly, the Soviets, who "are trying to lay the foundations for a new international community" sans capitalism, accused Iraq of terrorism against "the emerging world order" (not Kuwait). [106]

"The West has placed all its hopes for a new world order on Gorbachev" as the rule of the law "could not be realized without Russian cooperation." [107] With the Collegial Consecration promising to set back the satanic NWO by converting its key player, it is vital to globalism that it not be done. Until recently, Catholics awaited this specific consecration, believing substitutions could not be as effective. [108] Suddenly voices within the Church arose to persuade otherwise. Why? The expected fruits are not materializing, as barbarism gains in strength each day.

As in the past, God has given his Church the means to save civilization from destruction. His plan, set out by Our Lady of Fatima, also requires the Rosary and scapular, the First Saturday devotion, and sacrifice especially that of one's daily duty. Obedience means peace; but believing peace can be attained without God, we have been spurning his aid. We can thus expect to reap sudden destruction (1 Thess. 5:3) and the hell of the New World Order,[109] Satan's kingdom on earth (Rev. 13:7-8, 15-18) unless we turn to God. Time still remains. The choice is ours.


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109. In 1920 Pope Benedict XV warned of an imminent Universal Republic, "longed for by the worst elements," which, "based on principles of absolute equality," would "banish national distinctions, the authority of the father and of God," leading "inevitably" to "a reign of unheard-of-terror": Rev. Denis Fahey, C.S.Sp., The Mystical Body of Christ and the Reorganization of Society (Cork: The Forum Press, 1945), p. 200. Cf. Warburg (p. 494): "We shall have world government, whether or not we like it . . . . by consent or by conquest."

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