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These items are refered to in the bibliography of 'The Authors of the Gospels' (2012 Edition). This booklet is available on the ChurchinHistory web site at html version pdf version

The Historicity of the Bible by Edith Black

JRC Cardinal Ratzinger at Catechetical Conference. Oct 2002

JRL Lecture by Cardinal Ratzinger 1988

JRLT Cardinal Ratzinger on liberation theology 1984

PT17 Turmoil and truth by Philip Trower (chapter 17 only)

Now whole book is available on Christendom Awake website

The Gospels as history T. McGovern 1992

TMM Magisterium, Scripture, Catholic Exegesis by T. McGovern 2003

This version: 5th April 2013

Gospels Home Page on ChurchinHistory Website

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