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How the New Catechism Came About

Monsignor Michael J. Wrenn and Kenneth D. Whitehead

This essay is a corrected version of chapter 2 of the book Flawed Expectations by the same authors which can be downloaded as a PDF file and used for widespread distribution. Please use the link below-:

Link to essay, How the new Catechism Came About

Short introduction to above essay

To help in the distribution of the essay, a PDF promotional leaflet (flier) has been prepared. To help combat the global ignorance of the Catechism amongst many in the English speaking world please widely distribute this.

Link to promotional leaflet/flier

You can also access the online version of the book
Flawed Expectations by Wrenn and Whitehead by using the link below-:

Link to book, Flawed Expectations

Version: 14th May 2009

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